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Tips For Hanging Christmas Lights Safely

No one wants to end up in the emergency room, especially over the holidays. This Christmas, use some common-sense precaution and safety when hanging your Christmas lights and decorations. Or better yet - let our team of experts do all the work for you!

Christmas Decor Oakville has put together a short list of tips that will not only save you from pulling out your hair in frustration, but it will keep you safe if you're hanging your own lights and Christmas decorations this year

Use A Quality Ladder
This should go without saying, but make sure you're using the proper ladder for the height you're working at. Don't lean or stretch and risk falling. Where possible, use the recommended safety gear especially if you're putting lights on roofs.

Test and Untangle Before You Climb The Ladder
Take a few extra minutes to detangle your lights and test that all the bulbs are working before climbing the ladder. Replace any bulbs that need replacing, check the wiring. Doing this ahead of time will save you time on the ladder and keep you safer.

Use Properly Rated Lights
Be sure to use properly rated outdoor lights. You'll just waste your money buying the cheaper indoor lights and hanging them outside. Additionally, be sure any cords you're using are rated for outdoor use and that you're plugging in to a properly installed outdoor outlet. Do it right the first time and avoid disappointment or other electrical problems by not using properly rated lights, cords or outlets.

Follow manufacturer's instructions on how many strings you can attach to a single outlet and don't mix different types of lights on one outlet.

Install During The Day
It might seem smart to install the lights in the dark when you can better see how they'll look, but climbing ladders in the dark is never a good idea. Ever. Wait for a clear day where you're not also battling wind, rain, slick roofs and other seasonal hazards. It's also warmer to work during the day, so give your fingers a break and stay safe!

Avoid Nails And Screws
There are many great plastic clips and other bits you can use to hang lights with. Hammers and nails can ruin a string of lights with a small slip. The plastic clips are usually inexpensive and can be easily removed and reused the next year.

Have A Plan
Know before you climb the ladder what look you're trying to create and where you're going to place lights and decorations. This will save having to move light strands and extra up and down on the ladder. Lights always look great strung along eaves, or wrapped around pillars, posts, windows, doors, and bushes. Consider lighting up any paths, architectural features, or focal points in your yard.

Remember to create some design balance. The eaves are a great place to start, but make sure to balance that by lighting up features below the roofline as well. Front doors or porches are a good place to start.

Have questions or looking to have a professional Christmas Decor team come in and do the work for you? Give us a call for a complimentary consultation today!


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