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The Beginners Guide To Tasteful Christmas Decorating

Want to improve your home's curb appeal during the winter months, but going full-Griswold just isn't your style? Less is more when it comes to tasteful holiday outdoor decor and lighting. With some well-chosen design elements and strategic light placement, you can create a warm inviting look for your home or business that shines even on the coldest nights!

Where To Begin?
If you haven't used outdoor lights over the holidays at all, begin small. You can always add on if you like the look and effect. A good place to begin is the front porch or door. Even a minimal display with the right lighting and festive touches will add a fresh and welcoming pop of colour when the snow flies

Start simple with wrapping some bushes or trees near the front door, or draping a fanciful evergreen bough with lights around the door. Wrap the porch railing or pillars with lights to create ambient light that not only offers a warm glow but will provide the additional light to safely guide family and guests through the long nights of winter.

Eaves and Rooflines
The next place you could look to really brighten up your home or business for winter or the holidays are some professional lights along the eaves and rooflines. Try a white LED for a traditional look that will be tasteful through the whole winter season, or add some colour for the holidays. This can really make your home stand out with a single strand of lights-you can skip the reindeer animatronics if you want. (Of course, our professional team is ready to up your holiday lighting game with a giant KAPOW if that's what you're looking for).

You can begin with just a simple outline and then work up to highlighting windows, chimneys, or add lighted displays to the roof if you want to.

Second storey windows dress up well with a single strand of lights. For an additional pop, consider adding a lighted garland around the windows for a traditional look. This look really stands out with a lighted Christmas tree glowing in a first-floor window. If evergreen boughs don't appeal to you, some tasteful red boughs can draw the eye from the street well.

Our team of experts can not only create a tasteful and unique design for your home, we'll put up the decorations, take them down, and store them over the winter for you.

Front Yards
Now, if you want to up your game or just start off big, you can light up all or some of the trees in your yard to really make your home stand out. Your home will be the one cars pause to look at as they drive past. Whether you're looking for the traditional coloured lights on an evergreen tree, or the more modern deciduous tree wrapped in soft white lights, our team can create a look that will have you smiling each time you pull in the driveway or look out at from your living room.

Give our team of holiday decor and lighting experts at Christmas Decor Oakville a call and let's get started on dressing up your home or business for the winter or holidays in a way that matches your personal tastes. Don't delay to avoid the rush!


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