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Simple And Elegant Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Are you stumped for ideas for Christmas lighting design and installation?  Bored with the same old set ups year after year?  It's time to change up the design with these simple and elegant tips and ideas for your Oakville Christmas lighting display. 

Don't overdo it
This is easily forgotten with huge inflatable decorations, and enough lights to let the inhabitants of Mars see your house on Earth.  But the reality is that the fewer, the better.  Less lighting tends to look classier, more elegant, and less "in your face" than a property that is covered in numerous decorations.  Simple is better and easier.  Don't give yourself more work just to create a cluttered display. 

Want it to be even easier?  Hire Christmas Décor to setup your holiday lights for you.  Whether you want to rent their lighting systems, or provide your own, you'll get the job done properly and beautifully by professionals. 

Simply small statues
If you're absolutely sold on having a nativity scene or a Santa statue, keep it small and unimposing.  This will stop your yard from looking cluttered.  Try to avoid the singing pieces, or a glowing Rudolph. Classic natural pieces are always better than inflatables.

Accent pieces within a theme
Clothing fashion often dictates a popping accent to accompany a more neutral outfit – Christmas decorations are similar.  Choose an accent that will bring curb appeal to your home, without being tacky.  For example, this could be garland strung through the porch with glittering white lights and red bows throughout.  Once you've chosen your accent, simply decorate around it, following the colour scheme you've chosen.

Always stick to a theme.  Red and gold?  Silver accented garlands?  Tinsel and blue?  Do you want sparkling and twinkling, or traditionally rustic with ferns and reds?  Pick a style and keep to it to create a more cohesive look among your decorations and Christmas lighting display. 

Wreaths and garlands
Wreaths and garlands with hints of colour and lights strung through are beautiful in the snow.  These are unobtrusive, natural and create a festive mood. 

What makes these pieces great, are all the choices.  Garlands and wreaths come in all different styles, from bay leaf garlands, to holly wreaths, or sparkling tinsel to create rustic, artistic, classic, or modern looks for any theme you've chosen for your home. 

Look at Christmas Décor's gallery for ideas on how you can include your Oakville Christmas lighting systems in your garland decorations. 

Accent your home's features
Do you have a flagstone path?  Are there birdbaths or fountains on your yard?  Maybe a gazebo?  Find the features of your property that would make beautiful beacons in the snow when decorated with Christmas lights. When entwined with light strands, these are the features that will make your neighbours envious of your elegant decorating style, and draw eyes of passers-by to your home. 

Using Christmas Decor Oakville lighting systems along a path or shrubbery can also bring a stronger sense of safety and security to your yard.  Make sure your guests don't trip as they walk up to your holiday party. 

Want to create flawlessly elegant Christmas lighting displays this season?  Don't fret.  Contact Christmas Décor for the best Christmas lighting installation service for your home.  Don't wait and miss out!  Make sure you book your appointment before the December rush.

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