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How To Wrap A Tree With Christmas Lights

As the temperatures cool and dew turns into frost, people start to turn their attention to the holiday season.  They may feel that this is the year to shake up their holiday lighting display.  But how?  Placing the lights in a different arrangement is a start.  However, there is a line between tasteful and overdone.  You don’t want to be that neighbour whose house is decked out with more lights than the local Christmas parade.  One of the most beautiful and classic ways to decorate is to wrap your trees with Christmas lights.  Our professional holiday lighting installers can wrap your tree with beautiful lights and give you a tree that you’ll be proud to show your neighbours!

Crunching Numbers
Before you inquire about our Oakville holiday lighting systems, there are some basic measurements that you’ll need to take.  Measure the circumference of the tree trunk and then count the number of branches you wish to wrap as well.  Having an idea of how much spacing you want between the bulbs and each string is also helpful.

If you are planning to use something other than LED lights in your holiday lighting installations, let your design expert know the total available power.  You don’t want to be accidentally left in the dark this holiday season!

Things to Consider When Wrapping Trees
When thinking of your holiday lighting system, try to envision your tree already fully wrapped.  How bright is it?  Have you wrapped every single branch? 

Not every branch needs to be wrapped (it could result in overkill on the eyes – and your electricity bill).  Instead, survey your landscape from different angles and select branches that allow for an even and pleasing distribution of light.  If you’re still unsure, don’t fret.  Our experts have a flair for lighting design and will ensure that your holiday lighting installations are beautiful and evenly dispersed. 

Including Evergreens and Bushes in Your Holiday Lighting System
Evergreens and bushes retain their foliage during the winter, so the odds are that you’ll need more lights in order for them to be seen. 

When it comes to wrapping evergreens, a random pattern tends to work best.  The less predictable the lighting placement is, the less likely someone else will notice if a bulb goes out.  If the tree is larger, a neat idea is to wrap the canopy and trunk of the tree.  This has a unique effect without the requirement of stringing lights all the way to the top of the tree.

Like evergreens, random is the way to go when it comes to holiday lighting installations in your bushes.  Christmas net lights also work well with bushes and hedges.

Bright Ideas for Your Outdoor Light Design
The most important part of lighting is to have fun with it.  If you’re in love with the wrapping trend, you don’t have to stop with your trees!  Here are some other ways to dress up your Oakville home this holiday season:

  • Make your lanterns luminous by wrapping lights up their posts.

  • Does your home have pillars around the entrance?  Wrap red and white lights around them

  • Just because its winter, it doesn’t mean you need to take down your hanging baskets!  If you have coiled vine baskets, ditch the liners and use them as holiday accessories.  Once you have pulled up your plants for the fall, empty it out and light them from within.  This can be done by pushing the bulbs through the coils.


A little planning and creativity can give you a fun, festive outdoor tree decoration.  For more information about our professional holiday lighting from Christmas Decor, visit our website for a free estimate.  Our appointments fill up fast, so the sooner you book, the better!

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