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Tips For Setting Up An Amazing Holiday Light Display

At Christmas Décor, we are all about holidays.  Right now, many of you are preoccupied with back to school and Thanksgiving plans. But here, we’re already well into the holiday planning season.  Sure, we’re eager, but it’s all with good reason.

Our Christmas lighting systems are second to none and as we approach the most wonderful time of the year, we want you to be prepared.  Even though you may be preoccupied or grumbling that it’s too early for holiday plans, now's the time to start thinking about your Christmas lighting installations in Oakville.  Are you going to do it yourself this season?  Or are you going to call in the professionals to create a winter wonderland in your front yard?  We hope it’s the latter, and if it is, you’ll want to book as soon as possible.  Our appointments fill up fast. Want your festive design to pop this year? Here are some practical ideas to keep in mind when planning your unique holiday lighting arrangement.

Don’t Go In Blind
It's easy to tell which people in your neighbourhood approach their Christmas lighting systems with nonchalance.  You know those disorganized, haphazard displays that scream of people who just didn’t care about the appearance of their home. 

Don’t be one of those people.

When you consult with our Christmas Décor's lighting installation experts, think about how you would like your design to look. 

  • Are you into linear minimalism?  Try outlining your home

  • Do have a stunning landscape?  Brighten it up by installing your light display in your garden, or using techniques such as tree wrapping, where you envelop your trees in lights. 

  • Do you have a message for the entire world?  Share it with the neighbourhood by having your lights planned out to spell a holiday themed greeting. 

It’s All in the Numbers
So you have a rough idea of how you want your Christmas lighting systems to be arranged?  That’s a great start! 

Take it one step further, and make a sketch of your house and yard.  It doesn’t have to be of Picasso quality, just enough to give yourself and your consultant an idea of how your home and yard is laid out.  Then measure any features you would like to light up and identify available outlets – you’ll need this information for when you meet with your design consultant.  These measurements will help when it comes to determining extras such as extension cords and holiday light clips.

Would You Like To Add Colour to Your Christmas Lighting System?
The next choice, although you may have already made up your mind, is about the light bulbs themselves.  The lights used in our Christmas Decor lighting installations in Oakville come in a variety of sizes and colours.  Your final decision will likely depending on your personal taste; some people prefer a single colour while others prefer multi-coloured lighting displays.

Next, it's time to consider your lighting schedule. Do you want your holiday lights to have a consistent illumination?  Or should they flicker and dance?  Will they be on dusk till dawn, or just between the hours of 7 pm and 10 pm?  If you're looking to conserve energy, we recommend putting your holiday lighting system on a timer, as this will help you keep your electricity costs under control.

This season, share your holiday spirit with your neighbours by providing them with an festive island of beauty.  Choosing to decorate your home beautifully is also choosing to honour the occasion.  Infuse your yard with some holiday cheer with a professional holiday display from Christmas Décor.  To find out more about our Christmas lighting installations in Oakville, visit our website for a free, no obligation estimate.  Act fast, because our appointments book up well before the holiday season.

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