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Christmas Lighting Ideas For Your Roof

Christmas is sneaking up on us and soon it will be time to start considering your outdoor Christmas lighting.  What will you do with them?  Just decorate the foliage in your yard?   Light up some pillars?  Will you attempt to string lights on your roof?  Lighting up your roof can be risky business, which is why it’s better to leave your Oakville Christmas light installations to the professionals.  Christmas Decor is brimming with bright, beautiful ideas for your rooftop.  Here are just a few to consider.

Clear Lights on the Roof
First up is the traditional, classic look for roof lights.  By using clear C9 outdoor Christmas lights, we can outline your home in a nice, warm glow.  While we typically advocate for LED lights, C9 bulbs are big enough to be seen from the road – it’s all about the right tool for the job.  Wrapping mini-lights around columns and railings on your property can easily complete this look. You can add a pop of colour by using multi-coloured lights around the foliage in your yard. 

Using White LED Lights in Your Christmas Light Installation Makes a Big Statement
The choice to go all-white is a simple, but very modern and sophisticated.  Cool white LED lights give you that icy colour light.  If you include the LED lights in your trees and other foliage, your whole yard can be lit up with the twinkling, frosty snow look. 

Take Some Inspiration from Candy
What’s Christmas without candy canes?  A great way to be creative with your outdoor Christmas lights is to use red and cool white LED bulbs on the roof.  They can be used in an alternating pattern and can even be branched out from your roof.  We can also include your porch, railings, and trees in your professional Oakville Christmas light installation.

Make Your Home Look Like Christmas Wrapping Paper!
Like the candy cane theme, this idea for your outdoor Christmas lights involves alternating colours, except this time the theme is red and green.  This is a great way to use your home to infuse some holiday cheer into your neighbourhood.  Outline the roof and windows with red and green C9 bulbs.  And while this look is a classic, it’s not often found on homes anymore.  If you’re looking for a unique touch for your home, this is the look for you.

Multicolour Lights
Why use one or two colours when you can use them all?  Using large bulbs and spacing them evenly, you can make your lights look like glowing gumdrops around your home!  If you want to go retro with the lights, use opaque multi-coloured bulbs and make your home look like a gingerbread house!  This is also a great way to light up your yard, as when the snow falls, the lights will reflect into the snow.  You can place the bulbs in single, double, or triple sequence.

Safety First…
While you want to have the best looking light display at the lowest price, getting up on the roof when it’s freezing and potentially slick with frost or snow is asking for trouble.  We want you to be safe and our expert holiday lighting services will ensure your safety.  Our professionals are trained to go up onto roofs and come down in one piece.  You enjoy the holidays, and let us take care of the rest.

Christmas is coming faster than you think!  You know what else happens fast?  The rate at which our appointments fill up!  If you want to secure a beautifully decorated home this season, contact Christmas Décor Oakville today for a free estimate!

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