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Tips for Decorating Your Porch for the Holidays

Your Christmas lighting design can include as many different areas of your house as you would like.  However, your porch should not be overlooked.  Your front porch welcomes your guests into your home and there is no better way to make people feel welcome than with some Christmas lighting.  Taking time to decorate your porch can certainly leave an impression on passer byes that have the opportunity to bask in the warmth and joy radiating from your house.  Read on for tips for your Oakville Christmas lighting design this season!

Prepping for Your Christmas Lighting Design

Before you even think about decorating your porch, you should be sure to take initial measurements and make sure the porch is at neat, clean and presentable.  Porches come in various sizes and it will aid your Christmas Decor lighting design team greatly if the area is properly prepped prior to the lighting installation.

Next, you and your consultant from Christmas Décor may want to come up with a theme for your decorations.  If you have kids in the house, a Santa’s workshop theme would really add to the excitement of Christmas Eve.  Achieve this with animated elf and Santa figures.  Or you could go for a more traditional look with things such as a sleigh and reindeer covered in lights.  Turn your porch into a collection of Christmas carols with things like bells (covered in silver garland or white lights), angels, or re-create a winter wonderland if the snow hasn’t arrived yet.  Bring winter to your home using icicle lights, and by adding some snowmen and snowwomen to your porch!  Another popular theme with the kids would be characters from popular Christmas movies, such as The Grinch or Mickey Mouse characters. Have fun with your Christmas decorating!

Include Trees in Your Oakville Christmas Lighting Design

Christmas trees are not simply for the inside of your house!  Bring your shrubbery into the Christmas lighting design by wrapping them in lights or putting little bows on them.  Or you could go all out and invest in a second tree and place it on your porch.  This tends to work best when your porch is an enclosed space, as there is less of a risk of decorations blowing away in the wind.  Regardless, you should secure your tree properly to ensure it doesn’t fall over.

This Christmas, don’t leave your porch out in the cold!  Incorporate it into your Christmas lighting design with expert help from Christmas Décor Oakville!  Not sure if we’re up to the job?  Our online portfolio showcases some of the excellent work to demonstrate we can rise to the occasion! Contact us today!

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