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How to Decorate Your Front Door for Christmas

You likely have your own traditions for holiday decorating.  Sometimes the outdoor lights go up first.  Sometimes it’s the tree.  Other times the indoor decorations are the first to appear.  But at some point, the entrance to your home needs to be tackled.  This can be a bit tricky since the door still needs to remain functional.  However, the entrance way is a great area for some holiday lighting design, as your door décor will be visible to all who pass through your front door and all who drive by your house.  There’s nothing more conducive to setting a Christmas mood than greeting your guests with a nicely decorated doorway.  Read on to learn some tips for bringing Christmas design right to your door!

Oakville Holiday Lighting Design to Fit Your Home

Two things you should consider about your home before you start thinking about the holiday lighting design possibilities are your house as a whole, and the general colour scheme of your house.

Is your home a modern home or an older home?  If it has a modern feel to it, then a foiled door may be appropriate.  Decorate a modern house in sleek yet bright colours to complement the straight lines that your home will likely be designed with.

Do you have an older home?  Bring out the more traditional fluffy white tulle!  Anything fluffy will work with the curves most older homes feature. 

The second factor is your home’s colour scheme.  If it’s blue, try to avoid the traditional red and green.  Silver and green, however, would work well.  You should also consider the colour of the door as well.  Use cool tones with cool tones and warm tones with warm tones. Ask your Oakville holiday lighting design experts at Christmas Decor for advice on appropriate colour schemes to use for your home. 

Match Your Door to Your Oakville Holiday Lighting Design

If you are still unsure of which design direction to take your door, look to your outdoor decorations.  If your yard has been transformed into a Christmas-themed toy box for the children, then keep that youthful theme at the door.  Decorate with bright coloured ribbon and include brightly coloured bulbs in your wreath.  Or go with a giant candy cane in favour of the wreath.  You could even put big, multi-coloured Christmas lights around the door to highlight the entrance.

However, if your holiday lighting design is sophisticated, then keep your door stylish.  If your home is modern, you should stay with sleek and modern designs.  Keep your wreath classic with perhaps just a big bow at the bottom.  If you want lights around your door, white lights always look sharp and can add some dazzle to your holiday lighting design.

If your outdoor décor doesn’t have a theme, then perhaps give your door a warm, inviting element to it.  Christmas brings out the need to cozy up with a blanket and a hot beverage.  Perhaps wrap some garland and lights around your door.  Have a wreath with faux pine cones and berries on it.  Or give your home a “winter wonderland” feeling with some white tulle around the door. 

Of course, Christmas rules are never written in stone.  Everyone has their own style that is worthy of expression.  Contact Christmas Décor to show off your unique Christmas style to the neighbourhood.

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