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Taking the Tangle Out of Christmas Lights Storage

Christmas lights Oakville are gorgeous when they’re strung, but somehow their beauty seems to dissipate as soon as it comes time to packing up. Why did you even bother taking them out in the first place? Before your annual frustration kicks in (we all go through it!), Christmas Décor Oakville can reassure you that the take down and storage aspect of Christmas lights Oakville doesn't have to be a hassle.

Christmas Décor Oakville has been in the outdoor Christmas lights industry for a long time. We know all the simple tips and tricks to use at home to make sure you're not going through annual replacements and repairs with your lights. Here are just a few of the things Christmas Décor Oakville has learned in our outdoor Christmas lights adventures.

Use baggies
This trick is especially handy if you've almost maxed out on your storage space, or if you don't have too many strings of Christmas lights Oakville. Wrap each individual strand around your arm, and store it in its own individual plastic Ziploc bag. Label the bag with the usual location of the strand – around the pine in the front, across the gate, over the threshold, etc. This technique prevents tangling and also helps keep your outdoor Christmas lights organized for next year. Planning and decorating becomes a smooth routine with the use of labeled bags.

Tension rods maximize storage
If you really want to maximize your storage, but have a lot of lights to store, use tension rods and storage bins. Just like you did with the baggies, wrap your light strands around your arms before transferring the wrapped strings to the rods. You may find that you can fit anywhere from 4 to 6 strands per rod, if you're wrapping the lights in thin enough rounds. Once you've added all your outdoor Christmas lights to the rods, attach the rods into the bins.

Depending on the storage bins, you can probably fit two rods into each bin lengthwise. Make sure you don't cram in too many lights, however, as that can cause damage over the off-season.

Cardboard Christmas lights Oakville bolts
Storage techniques are easily transferrable from one type of item to the next. Think of a bolt of fabric. It stays neat, wrinkle-free, and orderly with the use of cardboard bolts. Why can't this be applied to your outdoor Christmas lights?

All you need is a length of rectangular shaped cardboard. Put a small notch in the top right corner and the bottom left corner of the cardboard to hold the ends fast. Once you've attached one end, wrap the lights lengthwise around the cardboard. Make sure not to wrap too tightly to avoid strain on the wires, but tight enough that the strands stay in place. From there, put the bolts in a storage bin or drawer to keep them away from trampling.

Using these tips will keep you well on your way to storing your Christmas lights safe and sound. Or avoid the hassle entirely and bring in the pros. Call Christmas Décor Oakville today to see if there are any openings available!

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