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Extravagant Outdoor Christmas Lights Around the World

Creating the most extravagant Christmas lights have been at the top of homeowner's priority list since December hit and the Christmas tunes began playing in shopping malls. Getting an impressive display is so much easier with the pros from Christmas Décor Oakville on your side, but some of these outdoor Christmas lights displays are beyond belief. There are world renowned neighbourhoods and homeowners that really embrace the term "going all out."

Here are a few of our favourite outdoor Christmas lighting displays around the world. You don't need to have the most extravagant display in the world to have gorgeous Christmas lights in Oakville, but these could be a great inspiration for your own Christmas Décor Oakville display.

The neighbourhood of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York
The people of Dyker Heights love everything Christmas. They've certainly taken outdoor Christmas lights and decorations to a new height. In fact, because of their passion for Christmas lights, Dyker Heights has gained the nickname "Dyker Lights." Not only are the buildings in the neighbourhood lit up to perfection, but they also work to bring in all the senses.

The people of Dyker Heights bring in big bands to serenade pedestrians and visitors throughout the holiday season. Walking through the crowds are also costumed characters and Santa Clauses giving out sweets. You'll think you've landed in the North Pole when you visit Dyker Heights.

The Richards in Australia
The Richard family in Australia has made Christmas history with their annual light display. In fact in 2013, Guinness World Records even granted this family the record for most residential lights on display in one property. Every year, this family strings up an excess of 502,000 lights on their property. Though the hydro bill increases more than $2,000 every Christmas season, the family has used the opportunity to raise money for SIDS and Kids through the visitors to their spectacular light display.

The lights of Policarpio Street, Mandaluyong, Philippines
Every year, your Christmas lights Oakville will be adorned with glistening snow reflecting the glimmer of lights. For the people of Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong, Philippines, snow isn't exactly a Christmas expectation. That being said, they make the most of the holiday season by creating an outdoor Christmas lights display that is certainly something to write home about.

The outdoor Christmas lights display in this neighbourhood is a community creation. Every single business owner and homeowner on Policarpio Street deck their homes in lavish displays; some of which cover every square foot of their houses. In total, the neighbourhood is host to millions upon millions of tiny lights to illuminate the dreary nights.

But you don't need to create a world renowned Christmas lights display in Oakville to get into the festive spirit. Christmas Décor Oakville can help you band your community together to create an incredibly cheery display, and maybe you can get your neighbours involved too!

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