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Get Crafty This Christmas with Oakville Christmas Lights

Is it Christmas time already? Where did the year go! November is quickly passing, and before you know it December will be knocking at your door. It’s time to bring out the old Oakville Christmas lights.

If you’ve had the same display year after year, or variations on the same display, then you’re probably getting bored with your usual outdoor Christmas lights. Did you know there are things you can do to your display without spending money on all new decorations? It’s time to get crafty in order to add a little excitement to your Oakville Christmas lights.

Here are a couple of tips from Christmas Décor Oakville. These will help get you started, but we think you’ll find that, once you begin the craft train, it won’t stop rolling. You may be surprised at your own inventiveness. So gather up the family and have fun with some holiday decorating crafts.

Magical windows with Oakville Christmas lights
Most homes have a large window or two at the front of the house. These are central focal points in your home’s design, so why not take advantage of them in your outdoor Christmas lights display? Christmas Décor Oakville thinks it’s time to jazz up those windows.

If you want your big front bay window to look spectacular and magical, hang a large measure of white tulle from the curtain rod to the floor on the interior of the window. Allow it to bunch and ruche along to top to create a draped, elegant appearance.

Next, string white Oakville Christmas lights from the curtain rod to the floor. These can be at random distances from each other, but you want to achieve an end appearance that looks star spangled. Prevent fire hazards by being certain that the Oakville Christmas lights you’re using won’t burn the tulle.

Now you should have a splendid display in your window that offers the look of ethereal snow or brilliant stars. Get inventive with this and design your own version of the style. Test with different colours to see the variety of effects you can create.  

Bring back the ping-pong ball
Who would have ever thought that ping-pongs balls had so many different uses? Ping-pong balls are a great item to have around if you like to do crafts, as they can be transformed into a variety of designs. And to completely alter your outdoor Christmas lights display, all you need is a couple of packs of ping-pong balls.

Cut a small hole the size of an outdoor Christmas lights bulb into the base of each ping-pong ball. Then, rim the hole with sturdy glue, and pop the balls onto each bulb of your outdoor Christmas lights set. The end result will be a funky and fun design that’s full of colour.

Don’t be afraid of repurposing
Recycling is a beautiful thing – especially when it comes to décor. At Christmas Décor Oakville, we encourage our clients to repurpose in their Christmas designs. If you have any old items lying around the house, transform them into something beautiful for your display. That old dresser that no one ever uses, the bookshelves or piano that broke ages ago and you have no plans of fixing, even strings of material – whatever it is, it probably can have a spot in your design after a little retouching. Use your imagination and have some fun!

Don’t get lost in the December décor traffic. Contact Christmas Décor Oakville today for your complimentary quote on our Oakville Christmas lights.

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