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5 Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Lighting

Halloween is over and the Christmas season is ramping up. With less than two months before the big day, homeowners all over Oakville have begun to setup their yards with outdoor Christmas lights. Dealing with Christmas lights can be a big hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you know how to deal with these decorations properly, outdoor Christmas lights will bring you nothing but good holiday cheer! Christmas Décor Oakville has compiled a little list of do’s and don’ts to help you eliminate the frustrating parts of bringing out the Oakville Christmas lights.

Do be careful when bringing lights out
All sorts of things can happen to your Christmas lights over the 10 months when they are in storage, especially if the strings haven’t been stored properly. Any broken bulbs can become safety hazards if you aren’t careful. When reaching into your storage boxes, make sure to be cautious of damaged strings or broken bulbs.

Don’t overbuy
The last thing you want to do is overload your home with outdoor Christmas lights. When you buy your Oakville Christmas lights, try to think of a place in your yard for each strand. Better yet, plan ahead. Figure out what aspects of your home and landscaping that you want to be illuminated. Roughly measure each area and bring your written measurements to the store. This will help you purchase only enough lights for your home.

Do use the right extension cord
Using your electrical accessories properly is a critical part of creating the perfect Oakville Christmas lights display. When you’re stringing your lights, make sure you use the right extension cord for the project. Extension cords should be made for outdoor use, and shouldn’t be overburdened with too many strings of lights.

Don’t waste energy
What’s worse than receiving coal in your stocking? Being hit with hefty hydro bills! Be smart about your purchase and use of outdoor Christmas lights. If you can find LEDs, definitely choose those over traditional bulbs. They’re going to save you money in hydro costs and in replacement costs as they last considerably longer than traditional bulbs.

Another option is solar-powered Christmas lights. These lights won’t require wires to connect to the house or bring your hydro bill up at all. As an added bonus, you won’t need to remember to turn them on and off with dawn and dusk. And, if you really want to save money, you don’t want your lights running all night and all day anyway. Your neighbours will appreciate the down time away from Christmas lights.

Hire the professionals!
Stringing up outdoor Christmas lights can be a challenge. Why not avoid the hard labour and go directly to enjoying your lights. Hire the pros at Christmas Décor Oakville and leave the work to us. Bringing in professionals will eliminate damage, prevent injuries and will ensure your lights are always gorgeous. Christmas Décor Oakville can help you with everything, down to planning out the design of your outdoor Christmas lights.

Don’t wait until the Christmas rush! Receive your complimentary quote from Christmas Décor Oakville today and start enjoying the holidays!

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