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Decorate Trees with Oakville Christmas Lights

If you have a yard with a lot of trees, then you understand the benefits of creating unique and beautiful Christmas lighting displays. You also understand that this isn’t always the easiest task. Once you have added your outdoor Christmas lights to your trees, you will see that the work was well worth it! But how do you even go about lighting trees properly? And what are some other options to creating a dynamic lighted tree effect?

Christmas Décor Oakville has a lot of experience lighting every aspect of a yard. We have tips and ideas to help you create the most beautiful outdoor Christmas lighting display possible, even on the trees in your yard. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Create a tree from lights and a pole
If you’ve got a basketball pole or another post in your yard that isn’t being used throughout the winter months, why not make use of it with your outdoor Christmas lights? You can quickly turn a post into a tree of Christmas lights with a couple of 50-foot, 100 bulb strings. You also need a few lighting clips to attach the strands to the post, and may also need a few ground pegs (from a tent works fine) if the pole needs to be stabilized.

The first thing to do is place the hooks just after the 25th bulb and another after the 75th bulb on the strands. Leave the male plug on the left side of the pole near the ground and peg it into the ground, bring the strand up to the top of the pole and attach the first hook. Then pull the strand down to the ground and peg it in a couple feet away from the male plug. Pull the strand from that peg to the right and peg it in the same length between the plug and the first ground peg. Pull the strand up to the top of the pole again to attach the second hook. Finally, pull the end of the strand to the ground with the female plug and peg it in.

To finish the project, repeat the process with a few other strands of lights until you have an evergreen tree shape made entirely from Christmas lights!

Outdoor Christmas lights for trees
Have you seen those lovely trees with the lights wound all the way around? Ever wondered how homeowners do that? With a little knowhow, it’s easier than you may have guessed.

First, choose your lights. Next, make sure they are all clean and in good repair – you don’t want to have to take these down and put them back up half way through the season! Start by balling up the strands in a tangle-free fashion so that they will easily unwind as you wrap, like a ball of yarn.

Start at the base, with the male plug left out so that you can connect to power. Then slowly but steadily wrap the lights around the tree going upwards. You want to leave a couple inches in between each circle around the tree to get a cleaner effect, and make sure not to wrap too tight.

When you want to wrap the lights around branches, just make sure that you leave enough space in between each ring so that you can circle back down once you reach the end of the limb. If you run out of strand, simply plug in a new strand of lights.

Does that sound pretty easy? If you want really gorgeous tree Christmas lights for your Oakville home, hire the pros at Christmas Décor Oakville! We can make sure the job gets done right every time, without hassle or safety concerns. Request a quote from Christmas Décor Oakville today!

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