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Chandelier Décor for your Oakville Christmas Lights

Can it be the end of November already? Christmas is just around the corner and the clock is ticking away before Christmas Eve creeps up on us. If you haven’t already got your outdoor Christmas lights strung, it’s time to begin before your home gets enveloped by dark winter nights.

If you’ve been putting off hanging your Christmas lights as you try to figure out how to make your usual display a bit more unique, Christmas Décor Oakville has the answer for you: Christmas chandeliers! These classy adornments added to your outdoor Christmas lights are simple to make, and uniquely gorgeous. Here are a couple of chandelier favourites from Christmas Décor Oakville.

Christmas lights Oakville with glimmer and glam
You can maximize the beauty of your outdoor Christmas lights with glimmering chandeliers. These can be made with either glass beads or strings of metal beads (such as copper or nickel). For this, you just need to select your beads of choice, and some kind of frame for the chandelier.

String your beads or metal strands in layered, draping curves from the metal frames and twine your Christmas lights periodically through the metallic curtain. This may take some time and practice to get the strands looking exactly as you want. Once you’ve got your final product, you won’t be disappointed. The metal and glass beads reflect your outdoor Christmas lights in ways that you’ll never find with other decorations. It’s well worth the extra work!

Natural beauty in outdoor Christmas lights
If you want to go the au natural route with your Christmas lights in Oakville, use evergreen wreaths and thick, satin ribbon to create a gorgeous chandelier. For this, cedar wreaths that are 16 and 22 inches in diameter are usually best using ribbon that is about an inch thick.

First, place the wreaths face up. Tie 3 separate ribbons on 3 separate points to each wreath – 6 ribbons in total. You should have a triangular point system for your ribbons so that when you bring them up to tie together, it creates almost a pyramid with a round base. When you tie your ribbons to your wreaths, use large, classic bows to add elegance and style to your chandelier.

Pull the ends of the ribbon up to tie in another large bow above each of the wreaths. Then, put the small wreath beneath the larger wreath, and use another long length of ribbon to tie the two top bows together. When you hold it up, grab by the large wreaths adjoining ribbons. The fixture should hang down, with a ribbon down the center, in the shape of a chandelier.

Next, all you have to do is wind your Christmas lights through the chandelier. If you want to showcase the magic of Christmas, wrap the lights in close to the wreaths so that only their illumination glitters through.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to cedar. Christmas Décor Oakville always encourages inventiveness and originality! Try thinking of other natural items you can use. Poinsettias? Bay leaves? The possibilities are endless!

Don’t hesitate! Request your complimentary quote from Christmas Décor Oakville today to get the most festive holiday lighting display on the your block!

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