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What Goes Into a Timed Outdoor Christmas Light Display?

There are some homeowners who just like to put up Christmas lights and there are homeowners who want to make a bigger splash. Are you interested in having a timed light display where the lights blink and flash in time to music like the ones that go viral on YouTube or Facebook?

DIY timed Christmas light displays can require 2 - 3 months of planning. Depending on the homeowner's tech knowledge, some people are building their own controllers and solid state relays (SSRs), but the easier route is buying them already assembled. There is software for your computer to help with the timing or you can code your own display. Online, you can find timed displays already coded that you can import into the software. Of course, none of this includes the time needed to actually put up the lights!

Traditionally, homeowners have set up speakers to broadcast the music to passing cars, but in recent years people have incorporated low-powered FM radio as well. The second option will certainly make your neighbours happier because most displays are set to one or two songs on repeat. Hearing the same song over and over again for three hours every night for a month will get annoying quickly.


Before taking on the time and expense of this kind of display, keep your neighbours in mind. There was one community in the GTA where several houses on one street were all incorporated into the same timed Christmas light display, but not all neighbours are so eager to participate. Consider any traffic concerns - because why go to all that work and not have people come and enjoy it! Set specific times in the evening when the lights will be on and decide on how you'll broadcast the sound for the display.


Timed Christmas lighting displays are created by controlling channels of lights rather than a single bulb. There may be 32 to 64 channels in a given light display. All the lights on a single channel work as a single unit, but you can make the lights blink, appear to twinkle or rotate. A single tree or shrub on your property could be one dedicated channel.

Mini lights or net lights are great for landscaping, like hedges, small trees or bushes around the yard. Icicle lights usually go on the roofline of the house. Mini trees are often made of tomato cages wrapped in lights. Mega trees are tall poles with a ring around the bases with lights strung between the top of the pole and the circular base.

Wire frames in a variety of shapes can have lights attached. There are plastic lighted sculptures on the market to purchase and spotlights for the perimeter of the yard can also be used.

There's still time to have Christmas Decor Oakville create a unique-to-you design for your outdoor Christmas lights. Professional installation includes set up, maintenance, take down and storage, as well as supplying all the lights and other features such as garlands, wreaths and bows. December is almost upon us, so avoid disappointment by booking your free no obligation consultation today.

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