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7 Tips To Make Christmas Outdoor Lighting Twinkle

Christmas is such a busy time of year, not to mention COLD! The lights are beautiful, but climbing ladders and hanging lights with numb fingers is no fun. Let our professional installation team at Christmas Decor Oakville create a unique-to-your-home look. We'll hang the lights at the top of that tree too high for your tallest ladder, surround your upper floor windows and front door, across the second floor roofline, or wrap those trees in the front yard (as well as take them down and store them until next season) so you can relax and enjoy this season with friends and family.

We put together these 7 tips on ways to make your outdoor Christmas lighting a little easier and more attractive - even if you decide to do it on your own.

Timers make Christmas lighting easy to set and forget. Who wants to put all that effort into putting up Christmas lights only to forget to turn them on! Or maybe worse is forgetting to turn them off so not only are they on all night they're on all day too! No more worrying about remembering to turn them on or off, each night.

Graphic Shape
Consider the final shape you want to create with your lights. Whether wrapping your trees or bushes horizontally or vertically, using net lights, or wrapping bare trunks and branches, think about the overall shape you want to create. The fewer lights you use, the more of a floating effect than a graphic shape.

Consistent Stopping Point When Wrapping Branches And Trunks
You have to decide where you're going to stop wrapping the branches and trunks. If you're doing this yourself, that limit might be the height of your ladder. Just be consistent. Wrap each branch to a consistent height across the whole tree to create a more uniform look. If you don't wrap them all to the same height, it can be obvious even at night that you just couldn't reach the upper portions of the tree.

Lights At Dusk Add Glow
Consider having your lights turn in the growing dusk hour before full dark sets in. Lights in the dusk add a romantic glow to your home and yard, where lights at night illuminate. Using a light sensor with your timer can ensure your lights come on even earlier in the day if the lighting is right.

Light Pathways With Trees Or Shrubs
Post and stake lighting, particularly solar powered varieties, really struggles in the winter. Not only do we get less sunlight, but often snow can cover the sensors. Wrapping the bushes or trees along the pathway can provide a great seasonal way to provide safety lighting.

Add Lights To Garlands
The garlands you've used to dress up railings, windows, doors, posts and pillars can really twinkle with some fairy lights and add some fun sparkle and glow.

Update To LED
If you haven't updated your lights to LED, why not? They'll last longer and use less electricity than incandescent.

If you've always wanted your front yard trees to be lit, but you've been hesitating to get out the ladder, we can make it happen for you. You can trust Christmas Decor Oakville to create the holiday lighting display of your dreams. Contact us today!


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