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Three Areas To Consider In Your Next Christmas Lighting Design

With just over 100 days left before Christmas, it's time to start thinking about illuminating the outside of your home for the holiday season. While it may be a little too early to have your Christmas lighting design professionally installed today, it's never too early to start planning out your next festive lighting design. To help you jump-start the planning process, our experienced Christmas lighting professionals at Christmas Decor Oakville have pinpointed three key areas of your home and property to focus on in your next design. To create the perfect Christmas lighting design for your home this Christmas, consider all three of the following areas:

The Front Door

The front door of your home is a great place to decorate for the holiday season. Not only is it a focal point of your home, but it also works to welcome houseguests. To add a festive flare to this area of your home, we suggest hanging a traditional or modern wreath in the centre of your front door. Alternative ways to spruce up your front door this Christmas season is by hanging bows, bells or other holiday-inspired elements such as vintage skates. Whatever decor option you choose, be sure to use a colour scheme that matches the colour of your door. Also, remember to ensure your front door Christmas decor is functional - don't choose a wreath or decor piece that completely covers the peep whole or inhibits the opening or closing of your door in any way.

The Front Porch

While the front door can be a great place to start decorating your outdoor space for the Christmas season, the front porch is another important area to focus on, especially when it comes to creating your Christmas lighting design. From simple fairy lights hung around your pillars or beams, to decorative elements such as mini potted evergreen trees or a nativity display, your front porch is a space where you can stretch your imagination and let your creativity take over.

The Trees

When you create a Christmas lighting design for your home, you want a design that will WOW your neighbours, guests and all those who pass by your home. A great way to do this is to incorporate your trees into your Christmas lighting design. To incorporate your trees into your design, we suggest wrapping trunks, branches and even entire trees on your property in Christmas lights.

At Christmas Decor, tree wrapping is one of our specialities. Whether you want to illuminate one signature evergreen or a series of deciduous trees, our experienced Christmas lighting professionals can help install a tree wrap that will add the perfect festive look to your home this season.

Contact A Professional

While the Christmas season is still a few months away, it's never too early to contact our holiday decor experts to plan out your Christmas lighting design or to book your professional installation. Find your holiday inspiration by browsing through our online gallery, or contact our professional team to get started today!

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