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Professional Christmas Lighting Designs: Common Questions Answered

Christmas is quickly approaching, and that means it's time to get your home and property ready for the holiday season! There's no better way to let family, friends, neighbours and all those passing by know that you love the holiday season than with a fabulous outdoor Christmas lighting display.

If it's your first time choosing a professional outdoor lighting company to decorate your home and property for Christmas, chances are you have a lot of questions about the process and value of a professional design and installation. Here at Christmas Decor Oakville, we're happy to help answer all of your questions. That's why our experienced team of lighting professionals have put together this list of commonly asked questions about our professional lighting services.

What's the benefit of a professional Christmas lighting design and installation?
There are many benefits of having a professional Christmas lighting design professionally installed around your home and property. One benefit that many homeowners find appealing is the convenience that it brings during the holiday season. A DIY installation can take up a lot of time - unpacking boxes of decorations, making the right arrangements, hauling lights up and down a ladder and often, using the trial and error method to get the results you're looking for. With a professional design and installation, you no longer have to worry about this tiresome task. Our experienced lighting professionals work with you to create a Christmas lighting system that is designed specifically with your home in mind, and perform a quick, safe and efficient installation so you can be holiday-ready in no time!

What is the cost of installation and take down?
Because each home is different, and each homeowner has a specific vision for what they want in an outdoor Christmas lighting design, it's difficult to say how much your design might cost. With that being said, we offer a number of decorating options to fit almost every budget. What some people might also not know is that a professionally installed outdoor lighting design can often be more affordable than most people think.

Our installations costs include set up, take down and storage of lights and decorations. Also included in the cost is any ongoing maintenance your design may need throughout the season, as well as proactive maintenance visits to ensure your design looks picture perfect at all times.

Are your lights and decorations different than what can be purchased at any store?
When you hire a professional Christmas lighting company to install your design, you should expect that superior products are being used. At Christmas Decor, we don't use lights or decorations that can be purchased at just any local store, we use quality lights and decorations that are manufactured to our exact specifications. This includes longer-life bulbs, CSA and UL-rated outdoor extension cords as well as a variety of other property-friendly installation accessories.

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