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Outdoor Lighting Tips For Winter

Curb appeal is important, and few things can really enhance the look of your home for the holidays like professional landscape lighting. Not only will outdoor lighting improve the appearance and appeal of your home, but it provides year-round security by lighting up the dark recesses of your yard and the pathways you and your guests walk at night. Christmas is the perfect time of year to get festive, but even if you're just looking for landscape lighting, it's not too late to get started.

Fall is definitely upon us and though we haven't gotten snow yet, winter is on the way. When the sun is down before you even get home from work, you'll be happy for some warm light to greet you at home. But where to start? Here are some of the most-requested landscape lighting features we offer.

Low Voltage Lighting Lighting that's not austere or glaring, but instead looks more natural, is often preferred by home owners. Low voltage lighting better simulates natural light, such as moonlight on a clear night. This type of lighting is also welcoming during those dark and dreary daylight hours in winter.

Highlight Winter Features Each Christmas season brings with it unique shapes and shadows, colour and texture, for landscape lighting to highlight or play off of. Does the snow tend to pile up or drift in interesting shapes in one part of your yard or against the house? Do you want to decorate the trees and shrubs or eaves of your home for the holidays? The possibilities are endless!

In winter, don't neglect the evergreens in your yard as bright spots of colour or even a feature to highlight with seasonal lights. Wrapping the bare branches of deciduous trees is popular as well that can have a classic winter look or a more seasonal look for the holidays.

Thieves are not deterred by the cold weather, unfortunately, and with the shorter daylight hours your home may be vulnerable. Spotlights on timers, yard lights, or even upgraded entry lights can all be installed quickly at come in a variety of price points. Walkways and paths may require additional lighting with the shorter amounts of daylight.

LED Lighting
LED lights are the best choice for landscape lighting whether you're looking to light up your deck or patio, or get festive with some coloured lights on the tree in the front yard. LED lights are versatile and come in a wide variety of shapes, wattage, and fixtures. LEDs are more energy efficient, and last longer than traditional outdoor bulbs so your investment will last for many years. LEDs are now as powerful as high-pressure sodium bulbs and offer better directional control.

Whether you're just looking to be energy efficient and only have lights come on when it's dark, or you're planning to be away and don't want the house to look empty, timers have come a long way. Smart timers allow you to program a whole week or more and monitor the whole system from your phone.

Your home or business can be just as beautiful in the winter as it can in the summer. Whether you're looking to add some Christmas curb appeal, security, or add some festive cheer to your home, our lighting expertsat Christmas Decor Oakville can help you achieve the look you're after. Contact us today to avoid the holiday rush!


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