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Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips For Balconies

The holiday decor experts at Christmas Decor Oakville have many customers who are homeowners, but we don't want to leave out our condo and townhouse living clients. We've put together a list of great decorating tips for balconies. Whether you're in a townhouse complex, apartment building, or a house, if you have a balcony - you'll find these tips helpful. Don't forget that it's not too late to get a free estimate on having professional holiday lighting installation done for this Christmas season!


The most obvious constraint to lighting and decorating balconies for Christmas is space. How much space do you have? Consider the vertical as well as the horizontal lines available. Whether you have a Romeo and Juliet style balconette, a true balcony or even a narrow porch, it's easy to add some Christmas cheer to that space. If you are in a condo or other situation where you don't have complete freedom to decorate the exterior as you'd like, be sure to verify what is and isn't allowed in your space.


Check to make sure there's an outdoor outlet available. If not, you'll have to run an extension cord to a different outdoor outlet or find a discreet place to run an extension cord inside. Be sure you're using an extension cord properly, one that's rated for outdoor use - and remember to consider colour. A fluorescent orange cord is going to be more difficult to camouflage.

Who Will See The Decorations?

There are some people who decorate their balconies simply for their own enjoyment. If this is the case, there are a lot of ready-to-use or DIY options to decorate small corners and shorter floor decorations that can add some unique charm and cheer. Typically, these shorter decorations won't be seen from the street however. If the point of decorating the balcony is for the lights to be seen from the street, then focus more on the railings or vertical columns that may be part of the structure.

White Lights or Coloured

This is really a personal choice. White lights are classic and will never go out of style. Red and green are festive and add charm too. If you lean more towards the Griswold school of decorating, mix it up. Add some coloured lights, white lights, icicle lights, the sky is the limit. For those who are interested in a more conservative look, because balconies are a smaller space, choose one style of lights. If the balcony needs to complement the rest of the exterior, keep that in mind too.

Complimentary Decorations

Some decorations that are timeless and compliment lights on a balcony really well include evergreen garlands, wreaths and holiday bows. These items are all available from Christmas Dcor Oakville and we will not only design a great look that's unique for your space, we'll supply, hang, maintain, take down, and store all the decorations for you! What could be simpler!

Have we convinced you yet?

The Christmas decor design and installation experts at Christmas Dcor Oakville provide free design consultation, complete installation and takedown, quality products and hardware, and our staff are fully trained. Let us take care of all your outdoor Christmas decorating needs. Request a free quote by calling 905.632.2445, email us at or use our contact page.

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