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2016 Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

One aspect of decorating the house and yard for Christmas that should never be overlooked is the front door. This is an opportunity to both welcome and wow your guests and provide you with a little holiday cheer every time you come home.

So what are the popular holiday decorating trends for 2016? DIY is still popular and so is upcycling. There are a lot of hints and tips online about how to repurpose something as an outdoor decoration, everything from empty wine bottles to mason jars to old ice skates!

Christmas Decor Oakville has put together a list of ideas to decorate your front entryway so that your home will be unique, but still classy and full of holiday cheer.

Stacking Wreaths

A popular trend is stacking wreaths on your front door. Why have only one wreath when you can have two or three? This can add some modern pizazz where people might not be expecting it. Stack identical wreaths one of top of another. Find three wreaths in descending sizes and create a snowman shape with them. Add a scarf and hat and you have a conversation starter.

Repurposing Glassware

If you have empty wine bottles, mason jars or vintage-looking lanterns, any of these can be safely used outdoors. Add some lights to some mason jars and string them at various levels in a cluster for a touch of sparkle. Wine bottles can pass as outdoor candle holders. Take that decorative lantern you were planning to put away for the summer and fill it with Christmas balls or other seasonal decorations.

Evergreen Boughs

These are a mainstay of holiday decorating, but don't be afraid to add some colour. Frame your entryway or front door with a garland and add some oversized Christmas balls, some ribbon and lights. We especially like this idea for homes that don't have a dedicated porch to decorate. Add some boughs to the mailbox, the front porch light, or add a vintage sled or wagon to the front step with pine boughs spilling out. This is a quick and easy way to decorate and it's all biodegradable at the end of the season.

Flower Pots

Those empty planters and bird baths don't have to be hidden away for the winter. Bring them up to your entryway and add some Christmas cheer with lights, boughs, and colourful Christmas balls. Some seasonal ribbon might be just the thing for that finishing touch. These are easy to move around and you won't have to purchase anything new.

Front Door

Wreaths remain by far, the most popular way to decorate your front door. There are a wide variety of DIY ideas out there to craft a unique-to-you wreath, but some homeowners are looking for creative alternatives. Gold or silver pinecones of varying lengths strung with some pine boughs have a classy vintage look to them. Add some pine boughs and hang a pair of ice skates on the front door (but watch that the blades don't damage the door from opening and closing). Variations on candy cane designs also remain popular and can add some festive charm.

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