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Why We Celebrate the Holidays with Lights

Nothing makes a room more inviting than a nice warm wash of light. Whether it’s the ambient glow of a task lamp or the calming wash of an overhead fixture, the right kind of light can change the mood and feel of practically any establishment. This is because we, as human beings, seek out light. It provides us with comfort and warmth, not to mention the ability to see and the energy necessary to grow and produce food.

Not surprisingly, we long for light more during the cold winter months, when daylight is often hard to come by. December is the darkest month of the year; the days are short and the weather isn’t always all that agreeable. As such, it’s no wonder so many ethnicities and cultures celebrate with light this time of the year. From festive Oakville holiday lighting displays for Christmas, to the traditional Jewish Menorah, winter is often marked by a celebration of light and illumination. And while we have a bit of a soft spot for Oakville outdoor holiday lights here at Christmas Décor, we definitely have an appreciation for all kinds of lighting displays and arrangements.

Here are some of the holidays and observances from around the world that traditionally celebrate with lights and candles this time of year:

The most important celebration in India, Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights. Originally held in celebration of the last crop of the year, Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival now represents the victory of good over evil; light over darkness. While the celebration typically extends over a five-day period, the main festival night coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartik. On this night, people tend to dress up in their finest outfits and light up diyas inside and outside their homes. Fireworks are often lit in celebration of the event.

The lamps, lights and candles used as part of the Diwali celebration symbolize each person’s internal light.

This Jewish celebration is also known as the Festival of Lights and is usually celebrated in December (however this year, for the first time in more than 100 years, the start of Hanukkah coincided with the American Thanksgiving holiday in November). An eight-day celebration commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, Hanukkah is observed by the kindling of the lights of the nine-branched Menorah.

A celebration in honour of African and African American cultures, Kawanzaa is held from December 26 through to January 1. Built upon seven principles, including unity, faith and creativity, the holiday celebrates culture and the importance of community. A candle is lit every night of the festival to symbolize each of the seven principles. Kwanzaa symbols include a decorative mat known as a Mkeka, corn (also known as Mulhindi), a kinara candle holder and a communal cup for the pouring of libations.

Light has always been a central feature of the Christmas holiday season. From elaborate Oakville holiday lights to simple candles and Christmas trees, nothing says happy holidays quite like the warm glow of lighted decorations.

So why is your Oakville home still in the dark this holiday season? Contact the professional lighting experts at Christmas Décor today to book your Oakville holiday lighting installation today and celebrate the season in illuminating style!

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