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Fall in Love With White Holiday Lights

Much like clothing design, there are trends that come and go in the world of outdoor holiday lighting design. From icicle lights to lawn inflatables, there’s always something new to consider when it comes time to decorate your Oakville property.

And while trends can be fun, they’re rarely worth investing in. At Christmas Décor, we encourage our clients to decorate in whatever manner they please; with that being said, we’re often asked to create a design that’s timeless. For that, we try to avoid trendy Oakville outdoor holiday lighting ideas and stick to trusted looks – like the classic allure of all white light. 

While trends come in and out of the holiday lighting world, white lights are one Christmas staple that will never fall out of vogue. Whether they’re hanging from the eaves of your Oakville home or strung across a formal deck, white lights always look pristine and beautiful.

White vs. Colour – An Age Old Debate
While the origin of the all white Christmas light design is unclear, chances are good it got started at some point in the early 1900s. This was when electric holiday lights replaced fire-hazardous candles as the most popular form of Christmas lighting. Somewhere along the way, all-white lighting designs came to represent a more sophisticated look. Today, high-end retail corridors like Fifth Avenue in New York, still abide by the all white lighting look in order to exude a posh holiday presence. In fact, of the hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights sold every year, nearly 70 percent of them are all white (this according to Christmas Lights etc., a leading distributor out of Georgia).

How to Achieve an All White Oakville Outdoor Holiday Lighting Look
Looking to bathe your home in a wash of wonderful white light? Here are some tips to help you execute the look in a posh, professional manner.

Stick with something that looks clean and simple.
The main allure of all white Oakville outdoor holiday lighting is it’s simple sophistication. So don’t try and get too fancy with your design ideas. The last thing you want to do is overpower your how with bright whitewashing lights. Combine traditional white string lights with a few strategically placed spotlights in order to highlight architectural areas of your home. You can then add additional lighting accents to trees in order to create depth and add dimension to your yard.

Include items that can be admired both day and night.
Add some texture to your all white light look by including garland in your design. This way, your home will look just as good during the day as it does at night. You may also wish to include wreaths and bows in order to add some additional visual interest.

Outline your roofline.

Brick houses look especially regal when their rooflines are edged with soft white lights. Traditional c9 string lights work well for this task, as do energy efficient LED options. Take your Oakville outdoor holiday lighting design one step further and consider outlining your window frames and door jams too.

Get the white look this holiday season. Contact Christmas Décor today for a complimentary, no-obligation holiday lighting design consultation. Your dreams for a white Christmas could come true!

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