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The Different Types of Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are starting to pop up all over Oakville these days, as more and more families gear up for the Christmas season. And while every holiday lighting design looks different, it’s worth noting that most of these displays are created using just a handful of different holiday lighting types. From incandescent bulbs to energy efficient LEDs, our Oakville holiday lighting experts thought it would be a good idea to educate our customers on the different lighting types currently available.

Lighting Types to Look For
Holiday lights can be narrowed down into three different categories: incandescent, C7 and C9, and LEDs. Each adds a unique look and feel to a holiday lighting design.

Incandescent Lights
These are the lights that likely spring into your mind whenever you think of a traditional Christmas lighting arrangement. Lights covered with coloured paint that cast a warm glow, incandescent lights are the least expensive holiday lighting type to purchase, but the most expensive to operate. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration, incandescent lights are often used around eaves, door jams and window frames. Our Oakville holiday lighting experts also like to use them on shrubs and trees.

C7 and C9 Lights
Similar to incandescent lights, these bulbs are a bit sturdier and feature 5- or 10-watt bulbs. Known for their bold colouring and clear glow, C7 and C9 bulbs are available in a range of colours and styles, including frosted.

Since they burn brighter than their incandescent cousins, C7 and C9 lights can pose a safety hazard if used indoors. This is because they can become quite hot, to the point that they are sometimes considered a fire hazard. With that being said, many professional Oakville holiday lighting experts perfect these lights for their reliability and dazzling brightness.

Light emitting diode, or LED, Christmas lights are a relatively new options. While they look and perform similar to their incandescent predecessors, LEDs require 85 percent less electricity to run, and they produce more illumination. What’s more, the colour that LED lights emits is much more vibrant than that of incandescent bulbs, and the amount of heat that they give off is very minimal. Built out of a durable plastic, the lights are virtually indestructible, which makes them a great investment for many Oakville homeowners. Available in a variety of styles (net, icicle, snowdrop and snowfall tubes), LED lights are the preferred lighting tools for many Oakville holiday lighting services, including Christmas Décor.

Holiday lighting certainly has come a long way (back in the 17th century, homeowners had to light their holiday trees with mini candles!) Now, instead of living in constant fear that the house will burn down, Oakville homeowners have the option of lighting their homes with safe, affordable holiday options.

Don’t let yourself be blinded by the numerous types of holiday lights currently available on the market. Contact the experts at Christmas Décor for more information on each lighting type and to reserve your Oakville Holiday lighting installation today.

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