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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Christmas is less than 100 days away and now is the time to start considering safety measures to ensure that your family has a healthy and happy holiday.  Our Oakville residential holiday lighting services have hundreds of products to make decorating stress free and fire resistant, which is an important label to look for on all holiday decorations.

Safety Tips for Your Oakville Holiday Lighting Service Decorations

Trees, real or artificial, can pose a fire hazard, so it’s important to know preventative measures to keep your Christmas tree from roasting on an open fire.  If you are buying a live tree, check it for freshness.  A fresh tree is green.  Its needles are hard to pull from the branches and do not break between your fingers.  The trunk of the tree is sticky with sap.  When you tap the trunk of the tree on the ground, very few needles should fall off.  Once you have your tree home, cut a few inches off the tree trunk to expose fresh wood.  This allows for better water absorption and keeps the tree from drying out.  Place your tree away from fire places, radiators, or portable heaters.  Heated rooms dry the tree out, so keep the tree stand filled with water.  Place the tree in a location where the traffic flow isn’t heavy and make sure not to block doorways with it.

If you are buying an artificial tree, only buy ones marked with a fire resistant label. All of our Oakville residential holiday lighting services offer beautiful artificial trees to make your home festive for the holidays.  The fire resistant label means the tree is more resistant to flame and heat.  But like the advice mentioned for real trees, do not store your artificial tree near anything heat-generating, just to be safe.

When lighting the tree, don’t use lighted candles on a tree or near other evergreens.  Our Oakville holiday lighting service has plenty of non-flammable lights.  Keep the candles away from areas where they can catch fire and place them on a stable surface where they won’t be knocked over.

As for tree decorations, our Oakville residential holiday lighting services also provides decorations that are non-combustible or flame-resistant.  In fact, regardless of the source of your decorations, they should all be non-combustible or flame-resistant.  In addition, make sure your decorations are made of plastic or some other non-leaded material.  Lead is very hazardous if ingested by pets or children.

Our Oakville Holiday Lighting Service Will Safely Light Up Your Yard

First and foremost, when purchasing lights, make sure you only buy the ones that have been tested for safety.  In addition, each season, check your lights for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, and loose connections.  If you decide to partner with our Oakville residential holiday lighting services, rest assured that your lights will be checked and will be in perfect working condition.

Also make sure that your wiring and electrical materials are certified properly.  If you’re using an extension cord, make sure it is rated for its intended use.  Our Oakville holiday lighting service will ensure your outdoor lights are certified for outdoor use and are plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter. Christmas Decor Oakville is the perfect choice this holiday season for all your lighting and decorating needs. Contact us today!

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