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Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Just as Clark Griswold drove his family out into the middle of the forest to get the perfect tree, or like Charlie Brown turned the scrawniest tree into a masterpiece, most people have a specific vision in mind for their holiday trees.  In many ways, a tree that is representative of you and your family traditions will be more profound and will leave lasting memories.  If you are looking for a new way to decorate evergreen trees this holiday season, our Oakville Christmas decorating service has tons of great ideas!  This year, have a unique, stand-out holiday tree in your yard that celebrates the season and your personality.

Get Colourful with Your Holiday Tree Decorating!

There are several ways to make the trees in your yard a statement of your own style and personality.  Try asking your Oakville Christmas Decor decorating service to decorate your trees all in one colour.  Varying shades of blue can create a stunning visual. Clean, crisp white lights always make a bright statement too. Decorating your home all in gold lights is another popular option. Of course, you can always go for a red and green theme, or everyone's favourite multi-coloured approach. While your trees will love the attention, don't forget to incorporate colour into other areas of your yard as well. Light your home with complimentary colours to create a magical ambiance around your front door.

It Isn't Just About Evergreens!

While evergreens are the most popular tree for outdoor holiday decorating, they certainly aren't the only ones! Deciduous trees can also be illuminated in an eye catching way. Breathe life into barren trees with trunk and canopy lighting techniques. Our holiday tree decorating services from Christmas Decor can outfit trees of all sizes with hundreds of sparkling lights, turning a spindly tree into a stunning Christmas centrepiece!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little...Christmas Tree?

Twinkle lights add whimsy to practically any holiday lighting design, especially when these eye-catching lights are strung through trees. Whether they twinkle in a random pattern or follow a clever rhythm, twinkle lights will add dimension to your holiday tree lighting design.

Spread Holiday Cheer with Our Oakville Christmas Decorating Service

When decorating the trees in your yard, remember – less is sometimes more. Loading your trees with a ton of Christmas lights can actually cause your holiday decorations to look messy rather than magical. Our professional Christmas decorators will work with you to decide just how much light your trees really need. Some trees can handle a lot of lighting, others look better with sparse amounts of coverage. Let us show you what will look best in the trees on your property!

When it comes to decorating your yard for the holidays, don't forget to pay special attention to your trees. Christmas trees don't have to be kept indoors – share your festive spirit with a beautifully decorated outdoor tree. Contact our Oakville Christmas decorating service today to book your lighting service.

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