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Holiday Lighting and Your Neighbours: Etiquette Essentials

When’s the right time to hang your holiday lights? Is there such a thing as too much holiday cheer? What time should your holiday lights turn on (and off) at night?

These are just some of the questions that our Oakville holiday lighting experts encounter when out and about installing residential lighting displays. And while there’s no official rulebook outlining the dos and don’ts of holiday décor, most residential neighbourhoods abide by a set of unwritten standards when it comes time to decking the halls. So, before you breakout the Christmas carols and candy canes, stop and consider your neighbours and their tolerance for tinsel. Avoid yuletide overload by abiding by the following holiday décor etiquette essentials.

1. The Early Bird… Bothers Neighbours

October is not the time to turn on your Christmas lights. As festive as you might be feeling, fire up your Oakville holiday lighting display too early and you’re bound to make a few enemies on your street. With that being said, you can certainly call ahead and book your professional holiday lighting installation appointment now. This will help you beat the rush and ensure that your system is up and functional with plenty of lead-time. Just resist the urge to flip the switch until at least the first week of November.

2. Don’t Be Too Hasty to Tear Down

While you can take your holiday lights down anytime after New Year’s Day, the general rule of thumb is to leave them up and illuminated until January 6th. Why? Because January 6th is Three Kings Day and the final day of the 12 Days of Christmas.

3. Be Respectful of Your Neighbour’s Floor Plan

How would you like it if your neighbour decided to shine holiday lights straight into your bedroom window? When it comes time to plan your Oakville holiday lighting display, take the time to consider how your lighting setup will intentionally or unintentionally impact the houses on either side of you. Worse comes to worse, stop and ask your neighbour if your light placement has the potential to impede on their comfort.

4. Don’t Pull an All-Nighter

Save your neighbours some frustration (and yourself some cash!) by having your Oakville holiday lighting arrangement set on a timer. This will ensure that your lighting system turns on and off at a designated time, reducing the amount of unnecessary light pollution in your neighbourhood.

5. Be Cautious With Blow-Ups

Blow-up decorations can be a ton of fun, especially for kids. Just be weary when placing these in your front yard. Take care not to block anyone’s visibility on the road or in your driveway.

Don’t Be a Scrooge: Talking to Your Neighbour About Lighting Etiquette
If your neighbours are the ones guilty of bad lighting, don’t suffer in silence. Instead, politely approach them and ask if there’s anyway they can reposition their Oakville holiday lighting display in order to reduce its impact on your property.

Light up your lawn with a beautiful holiday display this year. Contact Christmas Décor today to book your Oakville holiday lighting service now.

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