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Community and Your Oakville Christmas Lighting Design

Have you ever entered a neighbourhood where a Festival of Lights has been arranged? It’s truly an illuminating thing to experience, seeing an entire street lit up as one cohesive unit.

Now, wouldn’t it be lovely if you could emulate that same festive feeling on your block?

Planning a neighbourhood Festival of Lights doesn’t have to be overly difficult. In fact, oftentimes it’s as easy as hosting a block parting and making the suggestion. With that being said, the professional technicians at our Oakville Christmas lighting design service have a few tips and tricks to suggest to would-be lighting planners.

Step 1 – It’s All About Community
A Festival of Light event isn’t just about decorations and adornment, it’s about establishing a sense of peace, harmony and friendship along your street. By working together to create a cohesive Oakville Christmas lighting design, not only will you be working together; you’ll be working towards a common goal and shared experience. Both of these things help in establishing a healthy holiday atmosphere – one that’s overflowing with joy and unity. It’s not always easy to achieve, but if you manage to get everyone on board and committed, the finished product can be simply stunning.

Step 2 – Stick With a Theme
The best neighbourhood Festival of Lights focus on one central theme. Whether it’s a White Christmas, Santa’s Workshop, or a Winter Wonderland, these classic holiday scenes will help you and your neighbours create an Oakville Christmas lighting display that’s organized rather than overwhelming.

When trying to decide on a theme for your block, it’s best to seek input from everyone involved. Remember what we said about community? Ensuring that everyone is involved in the planning and decision process is a great way to bring your community together and inspire cooperation amongst friends.

Step 3 – Encourage Individuality
While a theme will help create an overall look that’s easy on the eye, it shouldn’t kill any kind of individual expression or creativity. After all, you want to make sure that your house is presented in the best light possible (pun intended!). As such, don’t be afraid to ask for some professional help from the Oakville Christmas lighting design experts at Christmas Décor. We can help you create a look that’s original but still in line with the other homes that are involved in your Festival of Light production.

Step 4 – Seek Professional Assistance
Want to make sure that your Festival of Lights display is one for the record books? Than why not consider bringing in a professional to help plan, install and execute your block-wide display? Splitting the cost between multiple households will help ensure this is an affordable undertaking, plus you’ll have the added benefit of professional installers to help handle all of the heavy lifting and light positioning. Now that’s smart design!

Step 5 – Capture the Moment
Once your community Festival of Lights is up and illuminated, make sure that you take the time to have your neighbourhood properly photographed. Just imagine how great your holiday cards will look next year with a beautiful photo of your Oakville Christmas lighting design featured front and centre!

Start planning your street-wide Festival of Lights display today! For more information on this exciting idea, or to consult with a professional Oakville Christmas lighting designer, please call 905-632-2445.

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