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Light Up Those Trees For Christmas

Christmas Decor Oakville specializes in outdoor tree decor. Whether you want something simple or extravagant on a deciduous or evergreen tree, we have over fifteen years experience creating unique holiday displays! Wrapping tree branches and trunks in Christmas lights for the holiday season are signature pieces for festive decor. We use thousands of mini lights to create displays that will not only complement and add curb appeal to your home, but it will create a focal point for your property.

All of our custom packages include timers that allow you to program when you want the lights to come on and turn off. Here are the three main ways to light up your trees for Christmas.

Canopy wrap for evergreens

Want the tree in your yard to look just like the lighted tree inside your home? We can do that. Evergreen trees or conifers are iconic at Christmas. A canopy wrap refers to the process of wrapping lights horizontally around the outside of the tree (as opposed to branches and trunks). Whether you're looking for something simple to add a bit of twinkle, something extravagant that really showcases the shape and fullness of the tree, or something in between, our experts can get the job done right!

Our tips if you want to try this yourself:

Wrap the tree in a random pattern so that if the occasional light burns out it will be less noticeable. For long hedges, start in the middle and work your way out in each direction. Christmas net lights are great for hedges and bushes.

Trunk and branch wraps

This is a popular option, but can be time consuming. This style wraps lights around the trunk of a deciduous tree and the main branches. The idea is to mimic the effect of ice on a tree and the sparkle and twinkle effect. Keep in mind how many light strings are being used to be sure not to exceed available power to any one outlet. LED lights come in a variety of colours and are so energy efficient that you can connect more than 3 dozen light strings without over-taxing your power source.

Our tips if you want to try this yourself:

Start at the base of the tree and wrap tightly. On branches where you'll have to wrap up and down, increase the space between the lights.

Canopy on deciduous tree

Instead of wrapping the trunk and main branches of a deciduous tree, this lighting technique places the lights on the outer branches to give the naked limbs the appearance of foliage using lights. This creates a soft and elegant feel for your outdoor Christmas decor. Whether using a soft white or other colour, this technique will stand out for its other-worldly effect and will cast a romantic glow below.

Our tips if you want to try this yourself:

For trees over 15', you really should consider hiring a professional to do the work for you. Tie the ends of the strands together as this will make take down much easier.

Need some holiday design inspiration? View our tree decor gallery.It's not too early to call our holiday decor experts to get started on your home or business. Contact Christmas Decor Oakville at 905-632-2445 or request a free no obligation quote.

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