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How to Incorporate Your Trees in Your Outdoor Christmas Lighting Design

When creating your outdoor Christmas lighting display, it's important to assess all the features that make your home and property unique. Perhaps you have towering pillars on your front porch, rows of elegant hedges outlining your property or a stunning trees in your front yard that acts as a key focal point for your home.

When it comes to incorporating trees into your outdoor Christmas lighting design, there are a few options you can choose andit's important you know what lighting styles work best for the type of trees you have on your property. To help you find the appropriate lighting option, our team of experienced lighting technicians have compiled these helpful tips for illuminating your trees this holiday season.

Know Your Tree Types
To find the correct lighting style for your trees, you'll first need to know what types of trees you have on your property.

Coniferous Trees - Coniferous trees, commonly known as evergreens, are trees that have needles instead of flat, broad leaves. Some examples of coniferous trees include cedars, Douglas firs, junipers, pines spruces and hemlocks.

Deciduous Trees - Deciduous trees are trees that have flat, broad leaves and change with the seasons. These are the trees that drop their leaves in the fall and go dormant during the winter.

Canopy Wraps
Whether you have coniferous or deciduous trees around your home and property, a canopy wrap could be the perfect lighting option.

Canopy Wraps for Coniferous Trees - A canopy wrap for a coniferous tree is designed to illuminate your tree from top to bottom, providing an even and consistent glow. This will give you the Christmas tree effect that so many of us look for and love during the holiday season.

Canopy Wraps for Deciduous Trees - A canopy wrap for a deciduous tree will wrap around the bare branches of your tree to create a star-lit ambiance for your outdoor Christmas lighting design. If you're using a canopy wrap for a deciduous tree, it's also a good idea to place a fixture at the base of the tree and shine the light upwards to create an up-lighting effect, as this will help create a unified and even glow.

Trunk Wraps
Trunk wraps are another common lighting option for coniferous trees. With this lighting style, lights are wrapped around the base of a tree and can extend out around the main branches of the tree as well.

While canopy wraps help create a focal feature of your outdoor Christmas lighting design, trunk wraps create a more subtle lighting effect. If you want your trees to simply add to your overall outdoor lighting design - not steal the show - you'll likely want to consider a trunk wrap.

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