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Christmas Lighting Ideas For Your Roof

Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to really show off your home's edges, angles, and contours. Don't let the variety of options overwhelm or scare you off. We've created this list of popular trends for Christmas lighting and decor to show off your home or business that can create the look you're looking for this holiday season!

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Focal Points
Most outdoor Christmas light displays have a focal point where the eye is drawn. Often symmetry is used to make the focal point really stand out. Commonly, the focal point will be the front door and pillars near the door if there are any. To create symmetry, consider wrapping trees on either side of the front door.

Single Row Lights, Simple Outline
A great classic style is to use a simple, single string of lights tracing the basic silhouette of your roofline. You can't ever go wrong with this. See colour options below.

Mini Light Strings
These are really great inside, but often they're not big enough to be effective on a roofline. They just don't give off enough light.

Large Bulb String Lights
These are a better choice for outdoor use because they give off more light. Additionally, they come in a variety of shapes and colours - snowflakes, stars, trees - you name it. They make a bigger statement but will use more energy so LED options that are pricier initially but will save on energy costs.

Icicle Lights
These come and go in popularity it seems, but never go out of style. Many people struggle to know what to the with the connections at the end of the string. Just let it dangle. During the day it'll look just like the other icicle strands and won't be seen at night. These are great if you're looking for something more minimal. Just be sure they don't dangle too low and interfere with doors opening and such.

Choosing Colours

Classic White Lights
Classic white lights at the holidays are simple and classy. You can't go wrong with these lights, and they are seemingly ever-popular year after year so you don't have to worry about your choice going out of style.

Classic Multi-Colour Lights
Using multi-colour lights are another classic choice you can't go wrong with. Go for solid colours or choose strings that alternate colours along the string so each blink is different.

Colour Pattern Roof Lights
If you like the idea of a patterned combination, or have a colour scheme you want to maintain, choosing bulbs that have interchangeable bulbs might be just what you're looking for! Go for the classic candy cane theme with red and white lights. Other popular colour combinations include blue and green, and red and green. These light themes will bring some festivity and holiday cheer to the neighborhood.

Double Or Triple Colour Pattern
Instead of doing single alternating colour patterns, why not group the same colour together for two or three bulbs at a time? This makes each colour more pronounced.
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