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7 Reasons for Hiring Professional Christmas Light Installers

Are you dreading the thought of once again digging out your outside Christmas décor, fumbling half-heartedly through dusty boxes, getting entangled in hopelessly tangled cords, and taking time to do something that you enjoy just about as much as taking an ice cold shower?
If this describes you this pending Christmas Season and you are still undecided, here are 7 main reasons why a professional lighting installation is the answer you have been looking for:

Mitigate the Risk – Make Santa Happy

Let’s face it, decorating for Christmas can be dangerous. Even if you haven’t seen the film classic, ‘National Lampoon’s Family Christmas,’ most people intuitively know that there are potential hazards in getting ready for the Big Guy in the Red Suit. Snow covered roofs, faulty wires, electrical fires, slippery ladders – and more can all so easily happen. Not to mention, the risk of Santa and his reindeer getting caught helplessly in all those wires! Bring in a professional Christmas light installer, and have a risk free Christmas this year. You can have the peace of mind knowing that someone else has the experience, expertise, and insurance to handle the job safely.

No more work

Unless you have a squadron of family members on hand to assist you, chances are you are all too familiar with the amount of tedious, monotonous time it takes to put up your outside Christmas décor, only to take it down again within a matter of weeks or a few months at best. You know what they say the definition of insanity is…doing the same things over and over again and expecting different outcomes. Break the cycle and spend more time with family and friends this Christmas season by having a professional Christmas light installer take the time to do this for you. Your muscles will thank you!

Not only that, you choose hassle free when the decorations come down. Want to celebrate a Russian Christmas in January? No problem, your professional Christmas installer will work with you no matter the date.

A professional and first class look that stays in step with the latest trends

While most of us think we have a pretty good eye for detail and can determine what looks good and what doesn’t, the fact is that most people are not designers or artists. Candidly, how can it be otherwise when you are putting up outside Christmas décor but once a year? Leave it to your professional Christmas light installer to fill in these aesthetic gaps!  As a Bonus, these professionals are industry aware of the latest fashion trends in outdoor Christmas décor. These folks do hundreds of these installations yearly and they have the skills and professional ability to create a beautiful, customized, classic, or trendy Christmas décor look.

Professional Christmas light installers can come to your home and give you a free estimate on a customized design for your property, preferences, and budget. Lights can be hung on windows, roof facia, bushes, trees, and shrubs. In addition to lighting, festive wreaths, garlands and bows can be provided in differing sizes. All with the view of creating a fashionable light statement that is unique to you and your home.

No more take down

Does it ever stay in the back of your mind when you are putting up your outside Christmas décor, you will be doing this all over again in just a short while? After a busy Christmas season, the last thing you want to do is to expend physical and mental energy in repeating this process in reverse. Add to that, the space out of which you brought your Christmas decor always seems to mysteriously backfill with other things when you go to put them back.  Hiring a professional Christmas light installer takes these reversals right away so you won’t be dreading the post-Christmas take-down.

Say goodbye to the frustrating case of missing and broken bulbs

Remember how frustrated you feel putting up the outside Christmas décor only to find that there are burnt out bulbs or a string of lights (usually in the middle of the light bank) burnt out? Or somehow, your outside lights seem to burn out and fail the closer you get to Christmas? Not to mention, the treacherous driving trips to the store to replace these items (yet again) on slippery, wintery driving conditions. Hire a professional Christmas light installer and you never will have to experience these hassles again! No more breaking out the ladder when something goes wrong. A phone call and the problem will be fixed.

If that’s not enough, think about the mess of tangled lights that once cluttered up your basement. Our Christmas décor program rids your home of this mess since we take care of everything from start to finish.

Peace of mind added security

Not only will your home be lit up to be flawless aesthetically, professional Christmas light installers know how to design your outside Christmas décor so that it adds safety to your walkways, and creates added security against trespassers in the night hours. That way, you can have both a Safe and Enjoyable Christmas, knowing the beauty and location of these decorations is adding safety and home security to your property. A winning combination!

Save like Scrooge on your Hydro bill

Professional Christmas light installers utilize the latest, most efficient lights that will help prevent your Hydro Company from giving you a surprise present after Christmas! LED lighting technology uses one third the electricity compared to traditional bulbs, and recent technological advances mean that they are able to provide a more brilliant light, in a wide array of colors.

Hassle-free timers can also be provided to save you the headaches of having to turn the lights on or off, saving even more electricity costs from a faulty memory.

Ready to call the professionals? Contact us at 905-632-2445 to get your Christmas light installation appointment before the December rush.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!


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