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2014 Holiday Lighting Trends with Christmas Décor

This Christmas, make your home shine with Christmas lights in Oakville. Use the newest trends in outdoor Christmas lights to become the talk of the town. Christmas Décor Oakville wants your home to become a glittering oasis in the dreary winter weather, so we've done some research into holiday style trends.

Trends in Christmas lighting lean towards the elegant and simple. No longer do you have to stick to purely red and green lights, or the multi-coloured Christmas bobbles. The 2014 outdoor Christmas lights offer you variety in your stylistic choices, so that you really can show off your personality in illuminating your home. Christmas Décor Oakville knows the ins and outs of Christmas lighting – all you have to do is read on.

Be bold with bright tones
This Christmas season, brighten up your home with bold colours that are outside the norm. Purples, turquoise, and pinks can be used to design a unique outdoor Christmas lights style. By blending these with gold, silver, or bronze it is possible to create a chic but unique outdoor Christmas lights design.  

Metallic is in
Gold has always looked gorgeous in Christmas lights Oakville, and now it's more in style than ever. Metallics and oversized bows look incredibly vintage and retro. Metallics look gorgeous alongside bold colours, as mentioned above, but can also create a beautiful blend of fashionable and classic. Gold looks incredible with both red and emerald. Bronze or silver add a nice dash of holiday spirit to purple Christmas lights Oakville, or even to pinks.

Blue tranquility
Blues and turquoises can bring in a peaceful, tranquil setting with your Christmas Décor Oakville lights. The blue glistens off the snow and matches with the white perfectly. The atmosphere it creates from reflecting off the snow forms a glittering wonderland.

Light greens and silvers also do a splendid job of creating an atmosphere of tranquility. A peaceful paradise of Christmas lights Oakville is exactly what you want to drive home to following a long day at work or a Christmas party. It just beckons for you to curl up in an armchair with blankets and hot apple cider.

Decrease inflatables décor
Inflatables are not a very good way to create a chic, trendy, and elegant outdoor Christmas lighting style. As mentioned, simple and classic styles are in right now, and anything that is overstated or leaning toward slightly overdone has become out-dated.

When you're adding decorations to your Christmas Décor Oakville lighting scheme, you can maintain a re-purposed and vintage look, with ribbons and bows. Garlands make a gorgeous addition as well. If you want to go really retro, try incorporating dried cranberry and popcorn garlands. These are temporary decorations, but they're a fun craft to bring the kids into the holiday spirit. And these garlands offer the local birds a Christmas feast!

Design flawless outdoor Christmas lighting displays with Christmas Décor Oakville. Consult with an expert today for your complimentary quote.

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